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Archive for September, 2014

Benefits of Using Record Retrieval Services

When you or someone you love falls ill or gets injured, the typical response is to go to a physician or other healthcare provider and let them treat you. Every time you are treated by a physician they make notes in your chart describing what was wrong with you and what treatment they provided you ... Continue Reading >>

The Record Retrieval Process

When a patient needs to obtain a copy of their medical records for personal reasons or for insurance purposes they must get in contact with the medical facility that has their records and request copies. The medical record retrieval process can be a lengthy and difficult one as there are several steps involved in the ... Continue Reading >>

Why Your Practice Should Outsource Release of Information

As doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers continue to see more and more patients the amount of administrative work that is required from these medical providers is drastically increasing. The amount of extra work that healthcare providers must handle in addition to actual patient care has gotten so significant that many facilities have had to ... Continue Reading >>

Why Doctors Prefer Electronic Medical Records

As technology continues to shape the way we live and the way our society functions, it has had a great impact in changing the health care industry. In recent years many doctor’s offices and health care facilities have converted their patients’ paper based records into digitalized, electronic medical and health records. Electronic medical records (EMR) ... Continue Reading >>

The Vital Importance of Medical Records

Medical records allow health providers to determine the appropriate type of care an individual should receive. Without these documents doctors would find it difficult to properly treat their patients. The format of medical records has changed over time. Traditionally, hardcopies of them were made, but today it is far more common to access them electronically. ... Continue Reading >>

Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle by Accessing Personal Medical Records

Health and wellness is a constant concern for many people these days. While eating right and exercising can go a long way towards keeping one healthy, easy access to personal medical records can also prove very beneficial. This information can be useful for both patients and their doctors, particularly when it comes to establishing healthy ... Continue Reading >>

Know Your Rights: Full Access to Medical Records Can Keep Patients Healthy

Medical records contain crucial patient information that can be highly useful for future treatment and diagnosis. That’s why it’s important that all patients know exactly what is contained in their personal records. To this end, current law dictates that patients must have unrestricted access when it comes to information related to their healthcare. Keeping up ... Continue Reading >>

Electronic Medical Records Assist Both Patients and Doctors

When you order your medical records, you have the choice of receiving them in either a digital or paper format. In the end it does not matter which medium you choose, but there are several benefits associated with electronic medical records that are worth acknowledging. By having these documents in such an accessible format, you ... Continue Reading >>

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