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The Record Retrieval Process

Posted on September 27, 2014

Record Retrieval ProcessWhen a patient needs to obtain a copy of their medical records for personal reasons or for insurance purposes they must get in contact with the medical facility that has their records and request copies. The medical record retrieval process can be a lengthy and difficult one as there are several steps involved in the process. Complicating matters is the fact that some facilities are not so helpful in the process and others are simply uniformed on the process or use poor procedures for releasing medical records. Getting copies of your records can be a real hassle and because of this Order Medical Records has perfected a retrieval process that allows us to obtain records faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

Steps of Record Retrieval

In order to obtain copies of medical records from healthcare providers, there are several steps that you have to go through. The process can be difficult for some to understand and thus, we will break down the process that OrderMedicalRecords.com uses to securely obtain records.

  1. The first step of the record retrieval process is initiated by the patient. The patient either contacts us directly or has an insurance agent contact us on their behalf and informs us that they would like us to obtain copies of their medical records for them. The patient is required to fill out the necessary paperwork and sign a HIPAA compliant authorization stating that their records can be released.
  2. Once we have collected all necessary documentation from the patient and/or insurance provider, we then move to the next step of the records process. In this step we contact the medical facilities where your records are located and submit our request for medical records. Sometimes this involves calling around to multiple facilities/offices to find out where exactly your records are located. Once we locate the correct doctor at the correct facility, we submit our request by fax or mail if they do not allow fax.
  3. In the third step we follow up with the facility to ensure that our request has been received. If the request was faxed, we will call back later that same day and if mailed, we allow 3-5 days for the request to arrive at the facility. We continue to call the facility until we have confirmation from a live representative on their staff that our request has been received. Once confirmed, we ask for their typical turnaround time (number of days it takes for them to send us back records) and we stress the urgency of our requests. If our request was not received we repeat the faxing/mailing process until they receive the request.
  4. At this stage we follow up with the medical facility every 1-3 days for status updates on our request. We ask the facilities when the records will be ready for us and follow up with them until the records are ready.
  5. Once the records are ready for us, we will either send out our certified field agents to scan the records from the facility or the facility will fax or mail records back to us, whichever method the facility prefers. At the time records are collected we make the appropriate payment to the facility.
  6. When we have the copies of the records they are scanned into our secure database where they are reviewed by our Quality Control department. The records must pass through 2 separate rounds of Quality Control to ensure that all the requested information is in the records, the records are accurate, and the records are legible. If there are any issues with the records we contact the facility and obtain whatever is needed.
  7. After the records have passed through our Quality Control department and been checked for accuracy, they are ready for delivery. We can either send you a link and a password so that you can securely digitally download your records or we will ship them to you overnight. Once you have received the copies of your records the process is complete.

Get Copies of Your Records Today

Obtaining copies of your medical records can be a frustrating process, but it does not have to be. Order Medical Records has been gathering medical records for over 20 years and has consistently provided their customers with reliable service. Visit OrderMedicalRecords.com and retrieve copies of your personal medical records today.

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