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Archive for July, 2019

Get Vaccinated When Vacationing Abroad

It’s summer! Time for a long awaited vacation! Almost always when we travel outside the country, it’s recommended to get vaccinated. Depending on where your destination is, you may need multiple immunizations. It’s important to be aware of your health and safety risks. By following the tips below your trip, you’re keeping you and your ... Continue Reading >>

Avoid Medical Identity Theft

Medical identity theft can happen to anyone and has been identified as one of the quickest growing crimes in the nation. The knowledge available on the range, depth, and extent of medical theft is still somewhat limited. Medical identity theft is bad for the healthcare system because it interrupts your medical care and waste taxpayer’s ... Continue Reading >>

The Lab Results Section of a Medical Record

The medical record is a report that contains all the health information for a patient. Providers use these health records to understand the previous history, diagnosis, and treatment options for a patient. There are different types of data that are included in a medical chart. Some of the contained information in a health record is ... Continue Reading >>

Integrating Pharmacogenomics into Electronic Medical Records

New technologies and advances in medicine have transformed the healthcare landscape and changed patient care. As we move away from paper charts to a digital way of keeping records, it has made it easier to process and access data. Electronic medical records have made it simpler for multiple different providers to access patient health information. ... Continue Reading >>

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