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Archive for July, 2014

Just Who Can See Your Medical Record?

We live in a voyeuristic society were many people seem to care a great deal about what’s going on in the lives of others. Many may think that this voyeurism extends only to those in the public eye, and that the life of a celebrity is justly subject to scrutiny given that celebrities have placed ... Continue Reading >>

How Secure is Your EMR?

The healthcare industry has seen a number of advances in recent years aimed at improving the overall level of patient care. Once such improvement that is often overlooked is the advent of electronic medical records (EMRs). Those who question how electronic records can improve patient care may fail to realize the true value having access ... Continue Reading >>

Who Can Access Your Medical Records?

Medical records are private documents that cannot be released to just anyone. Healthcare providers must follow strict guidelines regarding the release of these logs, and will only turn them over to specific individuals or organizations. In most cases, the patient will need to give permission for these files to be copied and sent via mail ... Continue Reading >>

Keep Your Medical Records Organized

Smart consumers who want to take charge of their own health care documents can do so by gathering their medical records through a confidential retrieval service. In order to do this, individuals simply submit a request to OnlineMedicalRecords.com to initiate the process. Their records will be scanned and transmitted electronically within a matter of days, ... Continue Reading >>

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