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Archive for February, 2015

Worried about the Recent Measles Outbreak? Use OrderMedicalRecords.com to Make Sure You’ve Been Properly Immunized

With the recent measles outbreak striking panic in many hearts nationwide, many parents are checking their children’s medical records to make sure they have been properly vaccinated against it. Vaccinations have been scientifically proven to be effective in protecting children and adults from extremely harmful and potentially deadly diseases, including the measles, polio, and the ... Continue Reading >>

Why You Need Your Medical Records for Social Security Disability

As you may or may not be aware, there are a multitude of different reasons why an individual would need copies of their medical records. Some of the most common reasons why people need their medical records include: keeping their personal physicians up to date with their medical history, being able to track, monitor, and ... Continue Reading >>

Tips For Implementing An Electronic Medical Record System Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed the topic of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and their implementation in medical facilities. The federal government has made a push in recent years to modernize our healthcare system. One of the ways they are trying to make this change happen is by mandating the implementation of EMR systems ... Continue Reading >>

Tips For Implementing An Electronic Medical Record System

Over the last several years the landscape of the healthcare industry has been altered by a few significant changes to the system. One of these major changes is the introduction and implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems at physicians’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and specialists across the country. EMR systems have changed the way that ... Continue Reading >>

Why Medical Facilities, Health Plan Providers, and other Organizations Should Use OrderMedicalRecords.com

If you represent a medical facility, health plan provider, or other healthcare organization, find out how OrderMedicalRecords.com can help streamline your processes and simplify your recordkeeping. Free your employees from endless paperwork OMR can process all of your valid requests for medical records, freeing up your and your employees’ time to deal with other matters. ... Continue Reading >>

Obtain Copies of You and Your Children’s Vaccination Records Now

With the recent outbreak of the measles which was thought to have been an “eliminated” virus in this country, people have began to realize how important getting vaccinations for serious viruses can be. When you or your child is vaccinated, it is recorded in vaccination records. These records are required for various different situations in ... Continue Reading >>

Why Individuals and Families Should Use OrderMedicalRecords.com

All individuals and families could be benefited from using OrderMedicalRecords.com. How could OrderMedicalRecords.com help you? As an individual, why should I use OrderMedicalRecords.com? Individuals find OrderMedicalRecords.com incredibly helpful. You can acquire all your health information from one place instead of having to call various physicians, mail in countless paperwork, and pay each facility or physician ... Continue Reading >>

When can my health information be used without my consent? Why?

At OrderMedicalRecords.com one of the questions we’re frequently bombarded with is, “When can my health information be used without my consent? Why?” Privacy concerns It’s a strange concept, right? Your health information can be viewed in certain circumstances without you even knowing about it. Sounds illegal and totally clandestine, doesn’t it. Well, not to worry—read ... Continue Reading >>

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