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When can my health information be used without my consent? Why?

When can my health information be used without my consent? Why?At OrderMedicalRecords.com one of the questions we’re frequently bombarded with is, “When can my health information be used without my consent? Why?”

Privacy concerns

It’s a strange concept, right? Your health information can be viewed in certain circumstances without you even knowing about it. Sounds illegal and totally clandestine, doesn’t it. Well, not to worry—read on.


Think about it—you’re rushed to the emergency room after an accident or health situation, but of course, the doctor attending to you knows absolutely nothing about you or your history. But you want him to know that you take insulin for diabetes and that you recently had a heart operation. The problem is, you’re unconscious. In situations like this, for the sake of the health of the patient, medical records are reviewed without the patient’s consent. Makes sense, right?


When it’s time for insurance companies to pay for care a patient has received at a healthcare facility such as a hospital, insurance professionals review the patient’s medical record. For example, if an insurance company receives a bill for a hospital birth, the medical record will be reviewed to confirm that the patient has been going to prenatal visits for the past nine months.

Medical Reviews of Hospitals

When a hospital is reviewed by the Joint Commission for accreditation and certification, the organization’s representatives will often request a random sample of patient records to determine how well the hospital is performing. Medical records are treated with the utmost care and confidentiality, meaning that your records will never be released to anyone who doesn’t have a legitimate reason to review them.

Legal Cases

In the court system, sometimes a hospital or physician receives a subpoena for medical records. In this case, to comply with the law, records must be released.

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