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How Quickly Can I Get Copies of My Medical Records in Tustin CA?

Everyone wants things done at the speed of light. Adam wants the traffic light to immediately turn green, so he can get on his merry way. Rachel hates waiting in lines longer than a few minutes. Jordan aggressively taps their foot on the porch as they wait for their package to finally be delivered. And ... Continue Reading >>

Ordering Medical Record Copies in Phoenix AZ is a Simple Process

The medical field can be tricky. Pronouncing and understanding those big medical terms is enough to make your head spin. There are numerous seemingly-contradicting ethical issues and laws tied to the medical industry. And, just trying to decipher your doctor’s chicken scratch handwriting is a big task. A lot of confusion, stress, and uncertainties all ... Continue Reading >>

Your Doctor Can Refuse to Release Your Medical Records in Sarasota FL in These Instances

According to HIPAA, patients are entitled to all information present in their medical records including diagnoses, doctor notes, medical testing, and the like. Not only can patients view their records, but they also have the right to request a copy of them in exchange for a small fee. While you normally have access to such ... Continue Reading >>

Is it Safe to Order My Medical Records Online in Terre Haute IN?

Safety always comes first, and it always will. We have our children wear knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet when they start to ride a bike. We wear a seatbelt when we drive. We make sure to have insurance in the event that we get injured, come across a dental issue, get involved in ... Continue Reading >>

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