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Ordering Medical Record Copies in Phoenix AZ is a Simple Process

Ordering Medical Record Copies in Phoenix AZ is a Simple Process

The medical field can be tricky. Pronouncing and understanding those big medical terms is enough to make your head spin. There are numerous seemingly-contradicting ethical issues and laws tied to the medical industry. And, just trying to decipher your doctor’s chicken scratch handwriting is a big task. A lot of confusion, stress, and uncertainties all around!

So, you’re probably thinking right now, “I must have to break a sweat just to request access to my own medical records.” It’s understandable why you’d assume that. However, getting copies of your medical records in the state of Arizona is actually much easier than you’d ever imagine.

Take a Few Minutes to Fill Out a Simple, Online Form.

The first step to getting copies of your records is to fill out an online form. On average, it’ll take just three minutes to complete from start to finish. The form will ask you basic questions such as the patient’s name and other personal information, along with some information about the patient’s doctor.

Once you have all that information provided, you have the option to choose your delivery method. For instance, you may opt for a copy of your medical records that will be printed on paper or available via CD and delivered straight to your doorstep or even a digital copy that you can view online. Having these options is quite convenient depending on how you’d like to view your records.

In addition, via our online form, we give people the option to expedite their medical record order if it’s urgent that they have a copy in their hands right away. Just one click of a button, and that will communicate to us that your order is a priority.

After that information is provided, you can then provide your payment information right on our form. Once you click “Submit Form,” all your information will be sent straight to our team for processing!

Let Our Team Handle the Rest.

Leave all the confusing stuff to us. Allow our team of experts to communicate the rest with the associated doctor, receive the records, scan your records to make a copy, perform a quality control check, and then provide you access.

Generally, it’s really easy to get your records in Phoenix, AZ, and we make sure it’s even easier on your end!

Simply dial 714 559-3071 to talk to one of our Order Medical Record’s team members to learn more about the ordering process.

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