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Archive for November, 2019

Are my medical records accurate?

Medical records contain information on a patient’s medical history, treatments, procedures, provider findings, results of tests and procedures, list of medications and allergies, doctor notes, patient demographics, immunization data, and diagnoses. Doctor’s offices and hospital systems have and store large amount of data and many of which are medical records for patients. With so much ... Continue Reading >>

Expand Your Medical Record Retrieval Business

Medical record retrieval is big business. Millions of people request copies of their medical records for various reasons. The different reasons why they need medical records can range from the need for legal-medical cases, new providers, college, or simply just wanting a copy of the records. Medical record retrieval focuses on the operational service to ... Continue Reading >>

My Personal Health Record

Every time you go to your doctor’s office, you have probably seen your medical chart. Your doctor or provider documents essentially everything into them. Your medical chart will include your doctor’s patient notes on the visit, your reason for the visit, any treatment or procedures, medications you are on, and your medical history. The charts ... Continue Reading >>

What are pharmaceutical case studies?

In this day and age, many diseases now have treatment options. But in order for drug treatments become available for consumer use and marketed, it had to have undergone intensive testing. Pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations have specialized in conducting rigorous testing to ensure that drugs are safe and effective. The government has established ... Continue Reading >>

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