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Expand Your Medical Record Retrieval Business

Expand Your Medical Record Retrieval Business

Medical record retrieval is big business. Millions of people request copies of their medical records for various reasons. The different reasons why they need medical records can range from the need for legal-medical cases, new providers, college, or simply just wanting a copy of the records. Medical record retrieval focuses on the operational service to retrieve medical records for patients, lawyers, health plans, or other organizations. Medical record retrieval can also help organizations with improving risk adjustment and HEDIS results while minimizing disruption to care. Even though there are electronic medical record systems these days, there is still a lot of medical chart retrieval that occurs manually. This manual process requires that providers be faxed with requests for medical records. Many times, the medical record is imaged and returned through web portals, fax, or even through the mail to the requesting party. Having a successful medical retrieval process demands the ability to have many retrieval methods to meet the retrieval goals, using resources efficiently, reducing the turnaround time, and minimizing provider inconvenience.

Partner with Order Medical Records

If you are currently a medical record retrieval company or have an in-house release of information service and would like to expand, then we’re here for you! We can partner with you to increase your services and provide you access to expert medical record retrieval specialists in the field. Order Medical Records is an industry leader in the medical record retrieval business. We have over 20 years of experience working with individuals and other businesses to safely and securely access their medical record history. Order Medical Records is ready to work for you and with you to fulfill all the medical retrieval needs. We have streamlined the medical record retrieval process and can provide medical record retrieval, indexing, and storage. We have an online order form that makes it very simple and easy to order medical records. We have worked with medical facilities or health plans, families and individuals, attorneys, insurance agents, corporations, and the military to retrieve medical records. We also offer the ability to see the status of a medical record retrieval and multiple delivery formats for the medical records. By partnering with us, we are able to utilize all these services to expand your business. We also have a 99% success rate and have a proven track record. Give us a call today at 714 559-3071 to get started working with us to grow your current medical retrieval business.

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