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Archive for May, 2015

Helping an Elderly Relative Move to a Retirement or Nursing Home? Bring His or Her Medical Records, Too

The prospect of taking a grandparent, parent, or other elderly relative to a retirement home can feel daunting. There can be so many emotional highs and lows going on between you two. Selling a Home It can be a particularly sensitive time, especially if a home that was lived in for decades is being sold. ... Continue Reading >>

I Want A Copy of My Medical Records

As you may or may not know, medical records are an essential part of taking care of your health. Without your medical records, it is much more difficult for doctors to diagnose and administer the proper treatment to you, as they are left guessing about what you have experienced in your medical history. Your health ... Continue Reading >>

How To: Take Your Stress Level Down a Notch

When someone asks you, “how are you?” What is your usual response these days? “Oh, I’m so busy! So stressed out!” Sound familiar? It seems like almost everyone these days is struggling to lower their stress level. Modern life can be so hectic – from deadlines at work, family responsibilities, mounting bills, and on and ... Continue Reading >>

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