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I Want A Copy of My Medical Records

As you may or may not know, medical records are an essential part of taking care of your health. Without your medical records, it is much more difficult for doctors to diagnose and administer the proper treatment to you, as they are left guessing about what you have experienced in your medical history. Your health is not something that you should leave to guess work and therefore, the time to gather copies of your medical records is now. But how exactly do you get a copy of your medical records? What is the process? The process can be difficult and confusing, but Order Medical Records is here to provide you with the records you need.

I Want My Records, But How Do I Obtain Them?

In order to obtain copies of your medical records, there are several steps that must be taken. The process involves a lot of back and forth work between the requestor and the records holders, and because of this, obtaining copies of your records is not as easy as it should be. So what’s the best solution? Let the professionals at Order Medical Records collect them for you.

How Can Order Medical Records Help Me?

The team at Order Medical Records has been gathering copies of medical records from healthcare facilities across the country for over 22 years and this has enabled us to master the record retrieval process. Before we can get started with your request for medical records, you will have to fill out a quick online order form and provide us with a signed authorization which can be easily done here. Once we have received your authorization to retrieve your records, we get right to work.

We start by creating a formal request and we send this, along with your authorization, over to the healthcare facility that is keeping your records. We then follow up with the facility to verify that the request has been received, make any necessary payments, and determine a time frame for when we will be receiving the records. The staff at Order Medical Records continues to follow up with the healthcare providers until we receive the copies of your records at our location.

The process does not stop there, however, as your records are then sent through two rounds of Quality Control. Our Quality Control teams thoroughly examine the copies of your records to ensure that we received the correct records and that everything we asked for has been provided. If the records pass our Quality Control examinations, they are then transferred in to the format that you desire your records to be in. Records can then be sent to you via an email with a secured download link or can be shipped to you over night.

Order Your Medical Records Today

When it comes to dealing with release of information and collecting copies of important patient medical records, nobody has more experience or expertise than OrderMedicalRecords.com. We can help you with any and all requests for medical records, anywhere in the country. Simply fill out the online ordering form or give us a call at (800) 765-7510 so we can help you collect copies of your medical records and gain peace of mind today.

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