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Archive for May, 2014

Who Can Obtain Medical Records?

Everyone who has ever received professional medical care should have a file of medical records. Those records can assist a variety of individuals when choosing a new health plan, choosing a course of action to take for a medical condition, filing a lawsuit, and so much more. Many people do not know how to obtain ... Continue Reading >>

What Are Old Medical Records Good For?

Whenever you see a medical professional for healthcare purposes, your information will get documented in a medical record. These records will detail what the visit was concerning, what course of action was taken, as well as any follow-up items that were discussed and worked through. Individuals, attorneys, doctors, and veterans all have a right to ... Continue Reading >>

Take a Proactive Approach to Healthcare by Ordering Personal Medical Records

Medical records contain crucial patient information that can be used for everything from preventative care to diagnosing long-term issues. While this information is extremely important, many patients are unaware exactly what their personal medical records contain. This can prove damaging to a patient’s overall health, especially when records include inaccurate or incomplete information. For these ... Continue Reading >>

For Aging Patients, Keeping Abreast of Medical Records Is Crucial

While staying up-to-date on one’s healthcare is important for people of all ages, it can be an especially pressing concern for the elderly. In many cases, elderly patients must face a host of lifestyle and health changes as they grow older, and these often entail numerous treatment plans and medication regimens. That’s why it’s so ... Continue Reading >>

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