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What Are Old Medical Records Good For?

Posted on May 28, 2014

Old Medical Records Good ForWhenever you see a medical professional for healthcare purposes, your information will get documented in a medical record. These records will detail what the visit was concerning, what course of action was taken, as well as any follow-up items that were discussed and worked through. Individuals, attorneys, doctors, and veterans all have a right to medical records for various reasons. The following are just a few of the reasons old medical records should be obtained:

  • Better Future Care – Whether you have seen a doctor only a couple times in your life, or multiple times, it is important that all future medical care providers know just what your past medical history looked like. Individuals who obtain their own medical records can bring them to future appointments so that they can fill out their medical history with more accuracy. Doctors can request the records for new patients so that they know which course of action to take for that particular individual. Because so many medical facilities are turning to digital copies, many paper copies are being shredded. This allows for human error in having some of the information lost. If individuals and medical professionals can obtain that information before it is lost, they have a better chance at better healthcare in the future.
  • Peace of Mind – It might help individuals find peace of mind when they have their medical records. With the records filed carefully away at home, individuals have something to look back on when they are worried about their health. They can read through the reports in detail to determine whether or not they believe their healthcare provider offered them the best care possible.
  • Protection – Some individuals suffer at the hands of medical professionals. In such a case, medical records can be just the proof that their attorney will need to prove that negligence or other crimes took place. These medical records can be looked over in detail by the individual and the attorney to determine which course of action they will take in a lawsuit. Additionally, medical providers on the other side of the case can obtain records to show that proper care was taken.
  • Convenience – While it may seem like a hassle to track down all the old records that you would need, Order Medical Records makes it easy. We have a full list of services to help individuals, families, doctors, healthcare providers, attorneys, and veterans obtain the records they need. If for no other reason, obtaining records is easy and convenient, allowing you to have them on hand right when you need them.

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