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Archive for April, 2015

Switching Doctors? Save Time, Order Your Medical Records

Have you recently broken up with your doctor? Perhaps he or she seemed to rushed during your consultations, or you’re just moving to the next town over. Maybe you’re moving halfway across the world—perhaps to Brazil, Russia, or New Zealand. While you’re packing up your boxes, buying your plane tickets, and saying goodbye to local ... Continue Reading >>

Add Getting Your Medical Records to Your Summer Checklist

What are your summer plans? With summer peaking its way around the corner, lots of people turn their thoughts to what to do with the long stretch of time when the kids are out of school and the weather is extra hot. It’s a special time of year when there’s time for adventures, relaxing by ... Continue Reading >>

Hurry, Don’t Wait Another Second: Order Your Medical Records Right Now

Many of us go through our lives just coasting on by… not really striving towards anything in particular, not really avoiding any potential problems that may arise, just staying on an even keel as much as possible. Until… bump! An emergency situation comes up, or we move to a new city, or something else happens ... Continue Reading >>

Thank You, Internet! How the Internet Saves Us So Much Time

Have you noticed how our lives are so much more efficient now that we have the internet? It’s a great tool to accomplish almost any task quickly. Here are the top 5 tasks that, thanks to the internet, we can do anywhere, anytime, and fast! Go Postal Thanks to services like Stamps.com, we now don’t ... Continue Reading >>

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