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Add Getting Your Medical Records to Your Summer Checklist

Add Getting Your Medical Records to Your Summer ChecklistWhat are your summer plans?

With summer peaking its way around the corner, lots of people turn their thoughts to what to do with the long stretch of time when the kids are out of school and the weather is extra hot. It’s a special time of year when there’s time for adventures, relaxing by the pool, and getting organized for the upcoming school year.

Pencil it in…

Why not schedule a vacation this summer? Sure, it might be more expensive than just puttering around town, but think of the special memories you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!

Fulfill your dreams this summer

Maybe you can finally take that European tour you’ve been pining after all your life, or take a Disney cruise and watch your daughter’s eyes light up when she meets Cinderella.

Traveling is more fun than toys

Material items are fun to have, but travel experiences are much more precious because they give you memories you can always hold onto. Spending quality time with loved ones is something you’ll never regret doing—and especially when your kids are all grown up, you’ll look back at this time with so much joy.

Speaking of when your kids are all grown up…

When your kids leave the home and go off to make their own lives, it’ll be so helpful to them to have completely up-to-date medical records. They won’t have to ask every once in awhile about whether they’ve had a certain vaccine or procedure, such as appendix removal or the chicken pox. It will all be right there in their file, giving you both peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about remembering all the extraneous bit of medical information about your kid, and they’ll be confident in the knowledge that they have their entire history readily accessible.

But how? Sounds like a lot of work.

Getting ahold of your kids’ medical records sounds like it would be a herculean task. Calling all of the doctors, hospitals, and specialists he or she has ever been to, asking for the permission forms, paying the fees, compiling and scanning the records, making sure it’s all accurate… UGH! Sounds like it would take all summer long to complete – not exactly what any parent would like to be doing with their precious free time!

Not to worry… we’ve got you covered.

Hold the phone – there’s a better way. Just contact Order Medical Records and order your son’s or daughter’s complete medical file. It’ll be delivered to you without you having to deal with any hassle. Choose between a paper file delivered via overnight mail or a securely delivered online file.

You can order the medical record and be done in a number of minutes! Don’t spend your summer trying to deal with paperwork… leave it up to Order Medical Records! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give our friendly medical record specialists a call at 714 559-3071 or email sales@datafied.com.

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