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Archive for August, 2021

Have You Read Your Medical Records in Steamboat Springs CO?

Serious question for all Colorado residents: have you had the opportunity to read your own medical records? If you answered no, then this article is for you. Your medical records might just be “papers,” but these documents are more critical than you might ever imagine. Your Medical Records Contain More Information Than You Think Your ... Continue Reading >>

How to Get Access to Your Medical Records in Lafayette IN

In the state of Indiana, residents have the right to gain access to their medical records. Learning this is enticing for a lot of people; however, most people are unaware of how to actually gain access to their records. They assume they can simply get them from their doctor or local hospital for free. In ... Continue Reading >>

Your Authority to Know About Your Medical History in Fullerton CA

It’s a beautiful thing finding out that California residents have the right to get access to their own medical records via a paper or digital copy. And it makes perfect sense why residents should have the legal right to have a copy of their own medical records: going through one’s own medical history is important ... Continue Reading >>

It’s Time to Order Your Medical Records in Boca Raton FL

How many things on your to-do list have you’ve been putting off? Probably several. We can name a few that might just be on your list of procrastination: doing your laundry, keeping up on the dishes, vacuuming the carpet, getting your hair cut, and even ordering a copy of your medical records. Many hesitate to ... Continue Reading >>

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