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Archive for August, 2014

The Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

Digital technology dictates the way we communicate. In fact, the medical field contains an ongoing flow of information that, with a digital infrastructure, leverages and transforms the compensation and delivery of healthcare. The benefits of utilizing electronic medical medicals (EMR) include creating fully functional and exchangeable information by combining all of the health records for ... Continue Reading >>

Top Three Reasons to Digitize Your Medical Records

Your health information belongs to you, but the physical records remain the property of the physicians and facilities that treat you. In any event, it is your prerogative to ask for and receive copies of them. However, this time-consuming, inefficient, and costly process for obtaining data delays medical attention. For that reason, digitizing your health ... Continue Reading >>

Electronic Medical Records: Enhancing Patient Safety and Privacy

Electronic medical records (EHR) provide an opportunity for patients to receive comprehensive care from providers, as well as offer easy access to all of their health information in one place. Medical record storage companies provide assistance in combining all of the health information from various files into one database per patient. While the most common ... Continue Reading >>

Charting an Accurate Course Towards Patient Care

Physicians and their staff members have plenty to do to ensure quality patient care. Keeping track of the administrative portion of charts and records can impede that process. However, it is crucial that files are available on an as-needed basis, particularly when it comes to quickly and accurately accessing all the information they might require ... Continue Reading >>

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