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Top Three Reasons to Digitize Your Medical Records

Digitize Your Medical RecordsYour health information belongs to you, but the physical records remain the property of the physicians and facilities that treat you. In any event, it is your prerogative to ask for and receive copies of them. However, this time-consuming, inefficient, and costly process for obtaining data delays medical attention. For that reason, digitizing your health records through the services provided by medical records storage companies makes the process of obtaining electronic files containing your comprehensive medical history an efficient and simple one. The ability to find all of your information in one secure location enables you to obtain your complete medical history quickly, or transition to a new doctor or facility.

1. Easy Retrieval of All Records From One Secure Location

Accessing all of your medical information from one safeguarded location ensures timely medical care. Contacting all of your previous health care providers, especially in the event of a crisis, can be a daunting task. However, digitizing all of your medical information in advance equips you with the tools to quickly retrieve all of your history immediately, from prescriptions to x-rays to surgeries. As a result, a physician can quickly access your medical history and determine critical courses for future treatment without the need to wait for vital and potentially critical information from other facilities.

2. Efficiently Provide Medical History in the Event of an Emergency

Regardless of the number of doctors or facilities that have your medical records, combining them into one record in one central location makes sense. Furthermore, the process enables communication between all specialists and physicians, creating an efficient method for transmitting critical information between providers. For example, the compilation allows your doctor to review any and all previous healthcare services prior to determining future medical attention. With this intention, medical records storage companies securely and confidentially scan non-digitized documents on your behalf.

3. Simple Transition Process to a New Doctor

Changing health insurance companies might mean finding a new doctor. Collecting all of your records in one place makes it easy to deliver all of them to your new physician easily, privately, and securely. As a result, obtaining your information is as straightforward as opening a protected email and downloading the information.

Getting Started

Given these points, digitizing your medical records is easy at Order Medical Records with our step-by-step system. Rest assured that submitting your order is a safe and reliable online process. From there, we submit authorizations to all of your providers, and usually within a week the scanning process begins. What is more, our quality control professionals ensure that your records are accurate, and will email you once we have received all of your charts. At that point, you are able to retrieve your records from one secure online location. For added convenience, delivery formats include flash drives, printed copies, CDs, and secure downloads. Call Order Medical Records at (800) 765-7510 to discuss digitizing your health records for you today.

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