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Electronic Medical Records: Enhancing Patient Safety and Privacy

Enhancing Patient Safety and PrivacyElectronic medical records (EHR) provide an opportunity for patients to receive comprehensive care from providers, as well as offer easy access to all of their health information in one place. Medical record storage companies provide assistance in combining all of the health information from various files into one database per patient. While the most common documents utilized to create a complete report are medical records and charts, other sources of information include diagnostic tests, related scans, and x-rays. Healthcare information management solutions include paper, electronic, or a combination of both, ensuring quick and reliable retrieval of information you need. As a matter of fact, trusting professional medical records storage companies that are familiar with compliance regulations assure you that your information remains, secure, and confidential.

Secure and Safe

Protection of highly sensitive information kept by healthcare organizations is necessary to prevent unauthorized access. For this purpose, federal regulations and laws govern healthcare and related services with strict rules regarding security safeguards and anti-fraud protection. Specifically, converting charts to EHRs creates accurate, current, accessible records available to physicians and patients as required. In other words, fully efficient EHRs remove the laborious paper aspect, transitioning to the ability to safely and securely communicate with multiple EHR systems. The advantages of storing your medical history with professional medical record storage companies include:

  • Protection from fire
  • Extra security, including double-layered password protection at all times
  • Disaster recovery
  • Video surveillance and intrusion detection systems

Private and Confidential

Companies that store medical records must adhere to the strict protocols established by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Without question, provisions include safeguarding the privacy of patient information found in medical charts and records. However, if unauthorized viewing of critical data takes place, laws require notification of the breach as soon as possible after discovery. Additional data safeguards within HIPAA provide for:

  • Protection of private, health-related information
  • Confidentiality of all health information collected, created, or transmitted
  • Preventing unauthorized access to records
  • Prohibiting disclosure or use of all private and confidential patient information

Getting Started

Regardless of your healthcare information needs, at Order Medical Records we provide scanning on demand for all of your documents. Our methods and procedures conform to all state and federal mandates with respect to privacy and confidentiality. Moreover, we protect information with our advanced, encrypted security systems. We understand that safeguarding patient information is critical, and our trained professionals are furnished with the expertise and knowledge to ensure full compliance.

Our straightforward step-by-step method takes you from submitting an order, through scanning, quality control, and finally record retrieval. The streamlined process creates added assurances that your patient records and charts are readily available to those with pre-approved access. Call Order Medical Records today at (800) 765-7510 to discuss how we can enhance the privacy and security of your medical information.

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