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The Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

Benefits of Electronic Medical RecordsDigital technology dictates the way we communicate. In fact, the medical field contains an ongoing flow of information that, with a digital infrastructure, leverages and transforms the compensation and delivery of healthcare. The benefits of utilizing electronic medical medicals (EMR) include creating fully functional and exchangeable information by combining all of the health records for a patient and making them available in one comprehensive location.

Advantages for the Patient

EMRs improve the convenience of the healthcare process for the patient. As an illustration, filling out identical forms with different physicians duplicates efforts and wastes time for the patient and the physician. However, patients with fully incorporated EMRs are able to interact online with providers, transferring charts and records, and even allowing for electronic referrals such as follow-up care with specialists. Moreover, benefits for the patient include:

  • Improvements in the quality and convenience of care
  • Pinpoint accuracy of diagnoses and health outcomes
  • Decreased waiting room times
  • Increased patient participation in treatment plans

Advantages for the Medical Practice

Dependable and trustworthy access to combined healthcare information equips a physician with the tools for outlining prompt, educated, and informed treatment solutions. Having all of the medical records in one file provides the best opportunity for physicians to make critical decisions, leading to better patient experiences and more desirable outcomes. EMRs also assist providers in making practical, efficient decisions by providing:

  • Rapid access to all health records for coordinated, cost-effective care
  • Enhanced decision support and medical information
  • Legible, complete documentation
  • Capability to interface electronically with other contributors in an EMR

Electronic Medical Records and Patient Safety

Federal rules and regulations shield confidential data collected. Medical records storage companies offer technical assistance and expertise to assist providers and individuals directly through the entire process of combining all of the charts and records belonging to a patient. More importantly, they ensure compliance. EMRs reduce adverse outcomes and related costs by adhering to the strict guidelines in place through:

  • HIPAA compliance for ensuring confidentiality
  • Meaningful Use clauses, such as e-prescribing, electronic exchange of health information, and increasing clinical quality
  • Cyber security measures for preventing unauthorized viewing of records
  • Accountability for improving safety

Benefits of Electronic Medical Records Systems

Providers and patients lead busy lives, and both appreciate the convenience that EMRs offer for health information management. Instant access to critical information while ensuring privacy and confidentiality is tantamount to realizing the benefits of EMRs. For this reason, standardization meets the financial needs of the physician and improves patient safety and confidentiality concerns. Indeed, improved communication, accountability, and increased quality of care are the result of all-inclusive EMRs that provide safeguards for the protection of confidential, vital data.

Order Medical Records provides an easy step-by-step process to ensure that your EMRs are complete and protected. Call us to today at (800) 765-7510 to discuss the benefits of having all of your charts and records in one safe location.

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