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Thank You, Internet! How the Internet Saves Us So Much Time

Thank You, Internet! How the Internet Saves Us So Much TimeHave you noticed how our lives are so much more efficient now that we have the internet? It’s a great tool to accomplish almost any task quickly. Here are the top 5 tasks that, thanks to the internet, we can do anywhere, anytime, and fast!

Go Postal

Thanks to services like Stamps.com, we now don’t ever need to stand in long post office lines. From finding parking, attempting to entertain your kids while standing in line, and incurring unexpected weight charges, going to the post office used to be a real hassle. But now, we don’t have to—we can order stamps, calculate and print postage, and leave packages for our mail carrier easily. This saves so much time and hassle, especially at Christmas.

Promote Your Business

Now that social media has become ubiquitous, you can attract customers with a simple click of a button on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Constant Contact, and a host of other websites geared towards business owners. Whereas before it would be necessary to spend thousands of dollars advertising on billboards, the yellow pages, and on TV to tell customers about your product, now all you need is the internet.

Get Some Chow

While some may lament the fact that you never really have to have human contact with anyone anymore, others celebrate it. Now you can order pizza or any other takeout food or have groceries delivered without having to even pick up your phone. There are so many websites like Grubhub and Peapod delivery that cater to homebodies who don’t even want to leave their couch to get some food.

Pay Bills

Do you remember how annoying it was to pay bills before the internet? Before you had to save the paper bill that was sent to you, put an address and stamp on it, fill out and sign a check, seal the envelope, walk to the mailbox, and remember to drop it in at least 5 days before it was due. Now we get bill pay reminders on our phones so it’s a lot easier to make deadlines, and many banks offer to pay bills automatically each month without you having to do anything at all. The bank sends the payment directly to the institution—other bank, school loan company, etc. and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Ahhh, it’s so much simpler this way!

Order Medical Records

Now you don’t have to call every doctors’ office and hospital you’ve ever been to, fill out and mail in all the necessary paperwork and a check, and anxiously await your records, not knowing if they would actually arrive or not. Now you can just click the orange “Order Now” button at OrderMedicalRecords.com, input your information, and BOOM! Your entire medical records will arrive as quickly as possible. Our data retrieval specialists will take care of your data in the most confidential, secure way possible while maintaining accuracy every step of the way. Click “Order Now” to get started, or call 714 559-3071 or email sales@datafied.com if you have any questions!

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