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Switching Doctors? Save Time, Order Your Medical Records

Switching Doctors? Save Time, Order Your Medical RecordsHave you recently broken up with your doctor? Perhaps he or she seemed to rushed during your consultations, or you’re just moving to the next town over. Maybe you’re moving halfway across the world—perhaps to Brazil, Russia, or New Zealand. While you’re packing up your boxes, buying your plane tickets, and saying goodbye to local friends, make sure you consider how you’ll take care of your medical records, too.

Your medical record is a very important, personal document

Medical records contain essential personal information that only you and your doctor know about. Perhaps your spouse doesn’t even know all the information contained in your healthcare records! Any problems and conditions are carefully recorded by trustworthy health professionals, so you can trust that your record contains all pertinent information.

Wading through paperwork when you switch doctors

When you’re switching to a new doctor, he or she will be very interested in your entire medical history. Many doctors’ offices have lengthy intake forms that new patients will need to fill out. Some even make first-time patients come in a half an hour before the doctor will be ready to see them so that they can fill out all the paperwork. What a drag!

Memories are fallible

Plus, the majority of us have faulty memories, and it can be hard to remember the time you had an allergic reaction to penicillin, a really bad case of the flu, or even bronchitis a few winters back. This personal information is like gold for doctors, who will be able to serve your healthcare needs better if they know your entire medical history.

Potentially life-saving info in your medical record

If you have severe allergies, making sure your new doctor has this information could even be life-saving. Perhaps since he or she knows you’re allergic to a certain ingredient commonly found in various medications, they will be able to prescribe you special medications that will keep you safe and completely symptom-free.

And when new medications become available to the public, he or she will know from your medical record that it might be beneficial for you to give it a try.

Why add more hassle to your move?

But how could you have your complete medical file if you’ve just moved? It’s not like you’re going to be able to have tons of time to call all the medical offices and hospitals you’ve visited, deal with all the paperwork, compile and scan it before you skip town. That takes so much work… Moving is already such a hassle, why add another thing to do your voluminous To Do list?

Just use OrderMedicalRecords.com!

Great news—you don’t have to. Just go to Order Medical Records, click “Order Now” at the top right, and viola! You’ll receive your entire medical record via overnight mail or as a secure online file within days. There’s no hassle, no stress, and no reason not to do it!

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