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Who Can Obtain Medical Records?

Posted on May 30, 2014

Obtain Medical RecordsEveryone who has ever received professional medical care should have a file of medical records. Those records can assist a variety of individuals when choosing a new health plan, choosing a course of action to take for a medical condition, filing a lawsuit, and so much more. Many people do not know how to obtain medical records, or even if they are allowed to obtain them. The truth is that those records are available to individuals who need them. At Order Medical Records, we can help the following individuals to obtain the records they need:

Families and Individuals

Whether you want to take a look at your official diagnosis, or if you simply want to have your medical records on hand, individual people and their families have a right to those records through the Health Information Portability Accountability Act. You can get paper or digital copies of your records from hospitals, private practice offices, and a variety of other medical facilities. Additionally, you can obtain the records for anyone that you have guardianship over. This includes your children, perhaps your spouse, as well as parents who are aging.

Attorneys and Insurance Agents

If you are working on a case that is based on the health of an individual, your due diligence must be met with proper medical records. Disability cases, Social Security cases, and contingency based cases will need proper documentation with these medical records. Additionally, we can help you get the Attending Physician Statement that you will need for a solid case.


Doctors who do not have the time or means necessary to handle patient record requests can turn to Order Medical Records. Some charts are too large, some patients are difficult, and some facilities may have too many requests coming in at once. Still, the medical records need to be obtained, which is why it is important to get the help of a professional. Additionally, audit relief services are available as we ensure compliance with HIPAA.

Veterans and Ex-Patriots

Whether you moved around a lot or were stationed in one place, it is important that you have all of your medical records in hand. This can help your future doctors to better take care of you and meet your needs. Because there is a high risk with military duty, there is a high chance that you have information in your files that you don’t realize could help you with medical care in the future.

Getting Started

As you can see, medical records are available to all of the people who need them. Whether you are a civilian, a doctor, or an ex-military member, be sure that your medical history is obtained so that you can receive the best of care at all times. Contact Order Medical Records today at 800.765.7510 to get started.

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