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Helping an Elderly Relative Move to a Retirement or Nursing Home? Bring His or Her Medical Records, Too

retirementhomeThe prospect of taking a grandparent, parent, or other elderly relative to a retirement home can feel daunting. There can be so many emotional highs and lows going on between you two.

Selling a Home

It can be a particularly sensitive time, especially if a home that was lived in for decades is being sold. Maybe you grew up in that home, or perhaps your mom or grandma set up house as a newlywed there.

Less Space than Usual

Most retirement and nursing homes don’t have that much space for residents to take all of the possessions acquired during their lifetimes with them. Usually tenants have a private room, sometimes a complete one-bedroom suite to themselves, and that’s it. The idea can be rather baffling for someone who has lived in a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment for his or her adult life.

Getting Adjusted to the Food

Some retirees also find adjusting to the cafeteria-style dining room is a rough adjustment. Grandmas who have been cooking daily for over 50+ years will now suddenly have to put up with someone else’s recipes and cooking style. They might feel a void when grocery shopping, searching for recipes, and cooking is no longer a central part of their routine. But many retirees find the benefits of living in a retirement home heavily outweigh the drawbacks. Many folks are thrilled about the prospect of having their meals prepared for them so they don’t have to worry about cooking multiple times a day.

Health is #1

Whatever you’re thinking about to help ease your relative into his or her new phase of life at the retirement or nursing home, one thing is for sure—his or her health is the #1 top priority.

Medical History is So Valuable

Make sure the administration, staff, and attending nurses are aware of your loved one’s medical history, current conditions, allergies, and past surgeries by providing a copy of their full patient medical record. Many facilities currently require newcomers to provide their medical records, so you’ll be one step ahead of the game if you plan on acquiring it before move-in day.

It Could be a Laborious Process

But you don’t have time to contact all of the medical offices, doctors, specialists, hospitals, and clinics that your loved one has visited over the years. Collecting the medical record would very likely be a laborious, time-consuming, frustrating process… but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just order it in minutes—perhaps even seconds—by using Order Medical Records

But it’s so Simple with OrderMedicalRecords.com

It’s fast, easy, and stress-free. Just go to the homepage and click “Order Now” at the orange tab on the top right. Or if you prefer ordering over the phone, just call 714 559-3071 to friendly, professional service.

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