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What are pharmaceutical case studies?

Posted on November 6, 2019

What are pharmaceutical case studies?

In this day and age, many diseases now have treatment options. But in order for drug treatments become available for consumer use and marketed, it had to have undergone intensive testing. Pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations have specialized in conducting rigorous testing to ensure that drugs are safe and effective. The government has established the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help regulate this process. As part of the testing of a drug, biologic, or medical device certain type of information must be collected as part of the documentation. A type of testing documentation is called pharmaceutical case studies.

Pharmaceutical Case Studies

Pharmaceutical case studies are individual patient cases that are written in a narrative as part of a pharmaceutical study to provide insights on how a particular drug, technology, or development is useful. Different medical information from subjects or patients in the studies can be collected and documented. Medical data such as the patient’s diagnosis, laboratory results, side effects, or other medications can all be collected. This information from individual patients is then used to develop the case. An example of a pharmaceutical case study can be a narrative of a patient’s experience of a suspected side effect due to a novel drug that is undergoing testing. The patient’s reaction is recorded, along with the severity of the reaction, how the side effect presented, and how it was resolved. The information may also include collecting the patient’s lab results that was used to monitor the patient’s reaction.

Collecting Patient Information

It is critical to understand how to accurately and efficiently collect the patient information from the electronic medical records or patient charts. Accurate data collection ensures that the studies are conducted correctly and the results are right. It is vitally important, because the results from the studies are used to impact millions of people around the world. Additionally, having experienced and knowledgeable specialists working with the pharmaceutical company or contract research organization can reduce costs and successfully complete the pharmaceutical case studies in a timely manner.

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