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How Quickly Can I Get Copies of My Medical Records in Tustin CA?

How Quickly Can I Get Copies of My Medical Records in Tustin CA?

Everyone wants things done at the speed of light. Adam wants the traffic light to immediately turn green, so he can get on his merry way. Rachel hates waiting in lines longer than a few minutes. Jordan aggressively taps their foot on the porch as they wait for their package to finally be delivered. And Avery keeps checking their bank account multiple times a day to see if the IRS sent them their stimulus check yet.

Waiting is hard; we get it. It’s even harder to stay patient when you’re in dire need of something. So, it’s no surprise that one of the most common questions our Order Medical Records team gets is, “How quickly will my medical record copies arrive?”

Applying for Copies Takes Just Minutes.

Applying for your copy isn’t the long, intricate process that you might think. The actual application process to request a copy of your medical records takes just a few minutes tops. Requesting your records online through our website can be done any time of the day: right after work, while you’re indulging in a midnight snack on the couch, or even at the crack of dawn shortly after your alarm clock goes off.

Once Your Records Through Quality Control, They Can Be Received as Early as the Next Day.

How quickly you’re able to get your copy depends on numerous factors. It depends on the state, how quickly your doctor can have them sent over to us after you place your order (Doctors in California must send them over within 15 days of receiving your request.), and even the type and method of delivery you opt for. Once we have your records, it will take time for us to make copies, perform a quality check, and then have them sent out to you through your chosen method(s) of delivery.

If receiving your medical records is urgent, we offer rush delivery and overnight delivery. And, often, those requesting online/digital records will have access sooner than those opting for delivery via mail.

Fill Out This Form to Request Your Copy Today!

Requesting a copy of your medical records in Tustin, CA, as well as the rest of the state, is an incredibly quick, simple, and easy process. In fact, you can request your copy right here, right now. To make your request, simply fill out our online form here.

Rest assured that requesting your records from the Order Medical Records website is safe. We’ve been doing what we’re doing for 20 years and wish for our customers to have a protected, simplified, and stress-free experience when gaining access to a copy of their medical records. All we ask is for our customers to fill out our simple form, and then we’ll be in charge of taking care of the rest.

If you have any questions about the process, please dial 714 559-3071 today.

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