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Your Doctor Can Refuse to Release Your Medical Records in Sarasota FL in These Instances

Your Doctor Can Refuse to Release Your Medical Records in Sarasota FL in These Instances

According to HIPAA, patients are entitled to all information present in their medical records including diagnoses, doctor notes, medical testing, and the like. Not only can patients view their records, but they also have the right to request a copy of them in exchange for a small fee.

While you normally have access to such information, there are some cases where a doctor may refuse to grant you access to a copy of your own records.

You’re Not an Authorized Person.

Are you trying to request somebody else’s medical records? If the request for copy is denied, it might be because you’re not considered an authorized individual.

Authorized individuals include parents or guardians (if the patient is under 18 or if permission is given if the patient is 18 or older), doctors, or caregivers (with permission if 18 or order).

Having access to a copy of a random person’s medical records or to someone who did not give you permission is illegal. In turn, a copy cannot be granted.

Another reason your request may be denied is if you requested your own or somebody else’s medical records, but the information you provided about yourself was incorrect and, thus, you were not able to be identified as an authorized individual or not.

You’re Not Over 18 and Your Parents/Guardians Didn’t Request Your Records.

If you’re 17 or younger, your parents or guardians can request a copy of your medical records. The minor themselves, however, cannot. When the minor turns 18, it’s the opposite: they can request their own records, but their parents cannot – unless they grant them permission.

Your Records Contain Mental Health or Other Information That May Be Harmful to You.

There are some cases where even if you’re an authorized person and are 18 and older that your request for a copy of your medical records in Florida can still be denied. Or, certain information may be omitted from the copy of your records. This is true if your record contains information pertaining to mental health and/or substance abuse or other information that may be harmful to the patient or to others.

In addition, parts of your record that may be legally denied to you include personal notes and observations made by a medical professional or information that should be kept confidential.

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