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Is it Safe to Order My Medical Records Online in Terre Haute IN?

Is it Safe to Order My Medical Records Online in Terre Haute IN?

Safety always comes first, and it always will. We have our children wear knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet when they start to ride a bike. We wear a seatbelt when we drive. We make sure to have insurance in the event that we get injured, come across a dental issue, get involved in a collision, or have a natural disaster strike our home. And right now with the Coronavirus, many of us are choosing to wear gloves and/or masks if and when we need to go out to get essential goods.

Based on the safety measures we take in all areas of our lives, it’s understandable why someone would also want to be cautious on the Internet. People are careful who they talk to, what files they download and what websites they access, and what personal information they release on the Web.

Even when it comes to ordering medical records online, people have fears that it may not be safe to do so. After all, there is personal information and a credit card transaction involved in the process. Even after initially filling out the form, they worry that their confidential information may be compromised by the third party they’re ordering their records from.

Safety is Ensured as Long as You Order from a Secure Website.

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that ordering medical records online from a third-party website is safe, that is, if the website is a trustworthy, secure, authoritative source. These websites won’t steal your money, release your personal information to the public, or even snoop through your personal medical history; this is all against the law.

There are several websites and other sources to gain access to copies of your medical records. However, to date, Order Medical Records is one of the safest websites to order your medical records from.

Our Employees are All HIPAA Trained.

At Order Medical Records, each of our staff members are very familiar with all HIPAA-related laws and regulations regarding keeping medical information safe and secure. Never will our company post your medical records online, allow unauthorized individuals access to your personal medical history, or even keep your credit card information on file. Safety and privacy are two of the most important things we focus on as an organization.

To learn more about how we keep your information and medical records safe and sound, you can call our team today at 714 559-3071.

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