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Tips For Implementing An Electronic Medical Record System Part 2

Tips For Implementing An Electronic Medical Record SystemIn the previous article, we discussed the topic of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and their implementation in medical facilities. The federal government has made a push in recent years to modernize our healthcare system. One of the ways they are trying to make this change happen is by mandating the implementation of EMR systems in medical facilities across the country. EMR systems provide many benefits that older paper based records do not, but successfully implementing and adapting to these new systems has been difficult for many facilities. In order to prepare facilities for the switch to EMR, we have compiled a list of critical steps that should be taken to ensure that they are prepared for an EMR system.

In our last article, we listed steps 1-3 for successfully implementing a new EMR system leaving off with deciding which EMR system is right for your facility. Now we will discuss steps 4 and 5.

  1. Train Your Staff and Implement the EMR System

    At this stage you have already researched and selected the EMR vendor that you would like to use. Now we get down to business. Implementation of the EMR system means that your facility has agreed to terms with a vendor and are having them install the EMR system at your facility. Once the EMR system has been installed in to your computer system and office, the first step that you need to take is to transfer your old paper records in to the new EMR system. This process is called chart abstraction and it is likely that the vendor will have to train and assist your staff with this process. Ensure that the vendor clearly explains all the steps that go in to the process so if you need to do abstractions in the future, you will have the knowhow to do so. Once the paper records have been converted to electronic format, ensure that the vendor trains all physicians and staff members at your facility thoroughly on the ins and outs of the EMR platform. This step is critical to your success with the EMR system.Many EMR systems can be complex and overwhelming for doctors who are used to traditional charts, but once you have installed the system there is no going back. Therefore, it is crucial that all doctors and staff members fully understand all functions of the EMR system. After all staff members have been trained, it is a strongly advised that your practice runs through some mock situations that involve the use of the EMR. Performing practice runs with the software will help everyone gain more confidence with the system and will help your staff spot any potential problems early on. Implementing and training with the system is crucial to your practice’s success so ensure that you perform these steps very thoroughly.

  2. Reach “Meaningful Use” With the EMR System

    The whole purpose for implementing the new EMR systems is to achieve what the government has labeled “meaningful use.” As explained in the previous article, the idea behind “meaningful use” is that using EMR systems should lead to better care for patients and more efficient operations for medical facilities. The federal government’s Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs provide financial rewards to facilities that install EMR systems and achieve “meaningful use” with them. With the promise of financial incentives, better patient care, and an improved work flow, your facility should really make “meaningful use” a top priority because in the end, everyone will benefit from this.In order to reach “meaningful use”, the government mandates that a facility must effectively use EMR systems to satisfy the following conditions: improve the coordination of patient care, improve the health of your patients and the population as a whole, increase engagement with your patients, improve the safety, efficiency, and overall quality of your practice, and provide your patients with security and privacy of their health care information. It is not easy to reach all of these goals, but it can be done if your facility has truly embraced the EMR system and is benefiting from its advantages.

Still Need Assistance With Your EMR System?

The steps listed above and in the previous article are meant to help guide your facility through the implementation process of an EMR system. EMR systems can be difficult to implement, understand, and utilize and many facilities struggle with different aspects of the system. Order Medical Records has been working with numerous different EMR systems throughout the years and we have learned just how difficult they can be. If your facility needs any assistance with any aspect of and EMR system, we are here to help. From the release of electronic medical records to chart abstraction process, Order Medical Records can handle it all. Call or contact us today to learn how we can help your facility make the most of your EMR system and achieve “meaningful use.”

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