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Why Medical Facilities, Health Plan Providers, and other Organizations Should Use OrderMedicalRecords.com

If you represent a medical facility, health plan provider, or other healthcare organization, find out how OrderMedicalRecords.com can help streamline your processes and simplify your recordkeeping.

Free your employees from endless paperwork

Why Medical Facilities, Health Plan Providers, and other Organizations Should Use OrderMedicalRecords.comOMR can process all of your valid requests for medical records, freeing up your and your employees’ time to deal with other matters. OMR will become your contracted medical records employees, fulfilling all your medical record needs in a timely, secure, and respectful manner. We can also tailor our services to your needs—perhaps you just want to contract OMR to deal with the more complicated, larger medical records, or just certain, more difficult patients’ records. We can be the middleman between your records and your patients, dealing with all the cumbersome grunt work that is often central to medical practices.

Thinking of retiring soon?

Transfer all medical records from your practice to OMR. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your patients will be able to access their health information anytime without bothering you during retirement. You will be able to take your personal trinkets home from the office and then sit back, relax, and enjoy your retirement without a single worry about paperwork. Check out www.myretireddoctor.com, our sister company, to find out more about how it works.

Getting audited?

Outsource your audits to OMR and save tons of time, money, and hassle. We have long-standing relationships with many audit companies, so we are experts in terms of fulfilling auditor’s requests and ensuring that your facility is HIPAA compliant.

Data collection

Let OMR take care of all your data collection—whether it’s for HEDIS, HCC, RAC, RADV, Self-Audits, etc. OMR’s staff consistently achieves over 99% accuracy, ensuring that you can trust the data you receive to be absolutely true.

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