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Keep Your Medical Records Organized

Medical Records OrganizedSmart consumers who want to take charge of their own health care documents can do so by gathering their medical records through a confidential retrieval service. In order to do this, individuals simply submit a request to OnlineMedicalRecords.com to initiate the process. Their records will be scanned and transmitted electronically within a matter of days, or paper copies can be sent by express mail if that is the preferred method of delivery. Once the records have been received by the patients who ordered them, a filing system can be set up to organize the documents. Armed with this important information, individuals can easily switch physicians, travel, or relocate to a new city. This documentation also comes in handy if an emergency room visit becomes necessary, because immediate access to healthcare records plays a part in proper treatment and diagnosis, should an injury or accident occur. In addition to the full records, it is wise to keep summaries of medical history in an accessible space, such as a purse or briefcase. Of course, loved ones or close family friends should be informed about where the medical records are stored, in case of an emergency.

Where to Store the Records

  • Hardcopies: Once the medical documents have been ordered and received, it’s important to organize them. Patients can do this by using a portable file-box, pocket folders, and 3-ring binders with dividers. If records are being kept for an entire family, color-coded folders and binders can be used for each individual. Pocket folders are especially handy for storing test results and other miscellaneous paperwork.
  • Digital copies: Having a backup plan can sometimes save the day. Healthcare records can be scanned and saved to flash-drives or other digital storage devices in order to protect against loss or damage in the case of a computer crash or lost documents.

Records You Should Request 

When ordering medical records, patients should make sure they have documentation for medications, treatment plans, physicians’ contact information, hospitalizations, procedures that have been performed, family history, and diagnoses. It’s a good idea to store this information with other important paperwork such as insurance claims and payments, living wills, advance directives, and powers of attorney.

Check for Accuracy

When the documents are received, they should be read thoroughly to make sure everything is accurate. Doctors and nurses are human, too, and it’s possible for healthcare records to contain errors. Having inaccurate medical logs could lead to problems down the road. Dates, medication doses, procedures, allergies, and lab results should be reviewed for accuracy.

In order to take charge of your own health care, it’s important to have complete and accurate copies of your medical paperwork. These documents can be obtained through OrderMedicalRecords.com, and then organized to create an accessible filing system. Taking these steps is a proactive way to manage your medical history. If you move, change doctors, or need emergency care, you will have the records you need.

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