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Why Doctors Prefer Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical RecordsAs technology continues to shape the way we live and the way our society functions, it has had a great impact in changing the health care industry. In recent years many doctor’s offices and health care facilities have converted their patients’ paper based records into digitalized, electronic medical and health records. Electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) have changed the way that patients’ records are stored, viewed, and distributed, and these changes have been beneficial for doctors and the patient care they provide.

Doctors Agree, EMR Improves Care

As doctors continue to see more and more patients every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to understand each one of their patients’ medical histories. Many doctors find themselves regularly wondering if they have done something for a patient that they shouldn’t have or if they have not done something for a patient that they should have. These lingering questions are a doctor’s worst nightmare as providing optimal patient care is always their goal. However, with the development and growing use of EMR systems doctors are finding that it is easier to stay up to date with their patients’ health information and thus, are more confident in the care they are providing.

EMR Benefits

A recent survey of over 10,000 doctors was conducted to determine how the use of EMR systems has changed or impacted the quality of care they are providing. Results from the survey were pretty clear − doctors feel that EMR systems help them provide higher quality care to their patients. EMR systems aid physicians with their day to day practice in multiple ways.

  • Improved Communication- One major benefit of EMR systems is that they facilitate better communication between doctors and members of their staffs. According to the survey, 60% of doctors who use EMR systems stated that EMR has improved communication in their practices. Proper use of an EMR system can help doctors and their medical assistants better communicate patient health information which in turn leads to more accurate patient treatment.
  • Improve Awareness of Patient Health- In the past, many physicians found it difficult to accurately assess and diagnose patients who had been to multiple facilities or doctors for treatment. When a patient is seen at several different facilities each doctor provides different treatments and notes what they have done. Paper based records are very difficult to transfer and move around making it nearly impossible for doctors to have the most up to date patient health information. Without up to date information doctors cannot properly asses their patients and therefore, cannot provide the best treatment possible. EMR systems enable doctors to get a full view of patient health histories by making it possible to see exactly what was done with their patients, why it was done, and when it was done.
  • Provide Peace of Mind- As referenced earlier, many doctors find themselves on a day to day basis wondering if they have provided all of their patients with the best care possible. Accurately diagnosing patients is a critical component of a doctor’s duties and if doctors are unable to do so serious issues can arise for both the patients and doctors. With the use of EMR systems patients and doctors have greater access to important medical information, thus making both parties feel better about the quality of care that is being provided.

How Can EMR Help Me?

Many doctors have made the switch to EMR systems and the benefits of this move have been felt throughout the health care industry. Next time you visit your physician ask if they are using EMR to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible. To be as safe as possible with your health and well-being it is recommended that you yourself have direct access to you and your family’s medical records. The best way to obtain a copy of your records is to let the experts at OrderMedicalRecords.com gather them for you. Our secure and effective record retrieval methods provide customers with accurate, accessible records to help them watch and maintain good health.

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