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Benefits of Using Record Retrieval Services

Posted on September 30, 2014

Record Retrieval ServicesWhen you or someone you love falls ill or gets injured, the typical response is to go to a physician or other healthcare provider and let them treat you. Every time you are treated by a physician they make notes in your chart describing what was wrong with you and what treatment they provided you with. These records are extremely important to your health and oftentimes in life, you will need copies of these records. Every person is entitled to have copies of their own and their family members’ medical records, but the process of obtaining these records from healthcare providers is much more of a headache than it should be. Record retrieval specialists, like Order Medical Records, are an extremely valuable asset for patients, lawyers, insurance agents, and even healthcare providers themselves because of the many retrieval benefits that they can provide.

Why Would I Use a Record Retrieval Company

Obtaining copies of medical records is an unnecessarily difficult task and the process often drives people crazy. The process of submitting a request for records, following up to make sure that your request is being worked on, and then finally receiving your records takes a great deal of time and if you perform one of these steps incorrectly the time delays can be massive. Record retrieval services are designed to provide record requestors and providers with various different benefits that help ease the process on both ends.

Requestor Benefits

The benefits of using record retrieval services for record requestors include:

  • Not having to spend any time hassling with medical facilities. Medical facilities handle hundreds if not thousands of patients each day and as a result, they are very busy places. Medical records are being constantly updated and these facilities receive numerous requests for records every day. Because of this, many facilities are very slow to release copies of records and are difficult to work with. You can easily avoid all of the negativity by using a qualified record retrieval service.
  • Receiving your records as fast as possible. By utilizing the proven methods and existing relationships that retrieval services have, these services are able to obtain your records much faster than if you were to try to get your records on your own. At Order Medical Records, we have been perfecting our methods for over 20 years and have forged many great working relationships with healthcare providers.

Provider Benefits

There are also numerous benefits for record providers including:

  • Not having to waste time or money dealing with record release tasks. As a healthcare provider, requests for medical records are a never ending hassle that must be consistently dealt with. By outsourcing your medical record release inquiries, you will allow you and your staff more time to focus on your competencies and day to day operations. In addition, you will not have to hire additional staff members, at a high cost to you, to simply handle requests for records.
  • Having more satisfied patients. The medical record release process is a long and annoying process for both providers and requestors. If you are able to deliver better service to your patients and provide them with copies of their records faster than other facilities, your patients will be appreciative towards you and your facility and will remain extremely loyal to your facility.

Finding a Service That Can Help You Today

The record retrieval process is lengthy and burdensome for both requestors and providers. The release of records procedures often vary from facility to facility making the process all the more difficult. If you are looking to obtain copies of medical records or are a facility looking for some assistance in the release of medical records look no further,  OrderMedicalRecords.com is the answer for you. With over 20 years of experience and relationships with thousands of doctors Order Medical Records is able to provide excellent retrieval services for any person or organization involved. Visit our site today or give us a call to learn how we can handle your medical record needs.

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