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Electronic Medical Records Assist Both Patients and Doctors

Posted on September 1, 2014

Electronic Medical RecordsWhen you order your medical records, you have the choice of receiving them in either a digital or paper format. In the end it does not matter which medium you choose, but there are several benefits associated with electronic medical records that are worth acknowledging. By having these documents in such an accessible format, you and your doctor are given a number of advantages.

How Are Electronic Medical Records Used?

Electronic medical records are beneficial in that they allow doctors to track data over time and more easily identify patients who are due for certain procedures. All of a patient’s medical data and history are stored in one location, and many doctors find that it is easier to improve the quality of their practices through the implementation of an electronic medical record system.

How Does the Patient Benefit?

Digital records can provide you with increased safety when you visit a medical practice. There are fewer errors present on these documents, and there is also little chance of a doctor misplacing or losing your records. When your medical history is mishandled, you have a risk of being misdiagnosed, which can be detrimental to your health. Electronic records are precise, and they can guarantee that you receive the proper form of treatment. Previously, it would have been difficult for you to access your records if you wanted to seek treatment from a new doctor. Digital records, though, are easily exchangeable between medical practices. By providing your new doctor with your name and other general information, he or she can access your records on a computer and view all of your medical history.

How Does the Doctor Benefit?

Many doctors find that digital records allow them to be more efficient with their work. They can easily transfer their patients’ data from one location to another and diminish their labor expenses. They are able to visit with more people throughout the day and provide them with treatment. The problem of storage is also solved through the use of electronic records. Doctors often have difficulties finding the room to accommodate an extensive filing system. Digital records, though, are stored in a software system and require a lesser amount of space.

How Do You Obtain Your Medical Records?

Your medical records are important documents that contain all of your patient data and history. They are immensely useful, no matter whether you have them in a digital or paper format. However, there is a wide range of benefits inherent to electronic records that could affect both patients and doctors. Your records are more accessible and accurate, which guarantees faster and more appropriate treatment. If you want to obtain your medical records, contact Order Medical Records, and we will provide you with prompt and speedy service.

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