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Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle by Accessing Personal Medical Records

Posted on September 8, 2014

Personal Medical RecordsHealth and wellness is a constant concern for many people these days. While eating right and exercising can go a long way towards keeping one healthy, easy access to personal medical records can also prove very beneficial. This information can be useful for both patients and their doctors, particularly when it comes to establishing healthy habits and treating ongoing issues.

Family History Can Play a Role in Future Health

Medical records often include a listing of any ailments experienced by a person’s immediate family. While it isn’t always guaranteed that these same conditions will affect every member of a family, studies show that certain maladies (such as cancer, high blood pressure, etc.) can have strong genetic links. Having up-to-date medical records can prove helpful in this instance, especially when changing doctors or visiting a specialist for the first time. Ordering medical records can also be beneficial in the event that there are communications issues between offices, which is an unfortunately common occurrence at many clinics and hospitals.

Accurate Medication Listings Are Crucial for Comprehensive Care

Another benefit of accessing one’s medical records is that patients can have a full listing of prescribed medications at their disposal. This is particularly important for current medication regimens. Without a complete listing of medication, an unfamiliar doctor may inadvertently prescribe a medicine that counteracts another. This can result in a diminished state of health, and may even be deadly in some circumstances. With access to current medical records, patients can easily answer questions regarding their medication status. This can be particularly significant for those with chronic illnesses, who may have to contend with a litany of medicines on a daily basis.

Diagnosis of New Illness May Require Prior Information

In many cases, clues for newly occurring health concerns can be found in a patient’s past medical history. Some ailments can take awhile before the condition fully emerges, leaving the afflicted in a state of discomfort and confusion until a proper diagnosis can be made. For patients experiencing a barrage of new symptoms, past medical records can be essential to determining the direct cause. Doctors’ offices may find it difficult to ably locate such information, especially if a patient has moved or if a previous healthcare provider has since retired. Patients who assume an active role in their healthcare can have these documents available for future doctor visits, which can prove highly beneficial for all involved.

Here’s to Your Health

For those interested in maintaining a complete personal medical history, calling Order Medical Records can help compile all of the necessary information into one convenient place. With this history in tow, patients can work with their medical professionals at establishing a healthier lifestyle, while also dealing with continuing health concerns.

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