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The Basics of a Medical Record

Posted on May 23, 2019
Medical records are crucial to the continued care for a patient because it contains all a patient’s medical information. Doctors use these records to understand a patient’s previous history, diagnosis, and treatment. Health care providers such as doctors and nurses are familiar with what is contained in a medical record. However, as a patient you ... Continue Reading >>

The Importance of Medical Records

Posted on May 14, 2019
Medical records have always been an important part of health care. Medical records provide physicians and other medical staff information on the history of a patient and about prior care, diagnosis, and treatment plans. Understanding the medical history of patient can help guide care. Medical records also contain documentation on lab findings, doctor notes, diagnostic ... Continue Reading >>

How Do I Get Access to My Medical Records?

Posted on April 17, 2019
Medical records are important documents that detail your health history over the course of time. They will have the x-ray of your spine that confirms slight scoliosis from your childhood. They will have your immunization records. They will have charts tracking your vitals from over the years and the surgery you had fifteen years ago. ... Continue Reading >>

Wondering If You’ll Ever Need Copies of Your Medical Records?

Posted on April 5, 2019
Medical records are essentially a compilation of all your medical history throughout your lifetime. They include vaccination records, notes from your annual check-ups, diagnoses, treatments, diagnostic test results, and more. These records are typically housed in medical facilities and you will likely never need them, but there are some instances where you will need to ... Continue Reading >>

Order Medical Records Makes the Medical Record Ordering Process Simple

Posted on March 21, 2019
Your medical records are a compilation of your medical history dating back to when you were born. While all those records might not be housed with one doctor, in their entirety, medical records entail your health history from diagnosis, and conditions, to test results, imaging, and standard checkup notes. It’s always a good idea to ... Continue Reading >>

“Do I Have Access to My Medical Records?” and Other Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Medical Records

Posted on March 6, 2019
Medical records are essentially a chronical of your health history over time. Every doctor you see, diagnostic test you undergo, the medicine you’re prescribed, and any other medically significant thing is recorded in them. You might never give your medical records a second guess, but there are some circumstances that may require you to obtain ... Continue Reading >>

Why Do I Need Copies of My Medical Records?

Medical records are essentially documents that detail your entire medical history. They include past diagnoses, test results, conditions, surgeries, and even notes from all of your doctor visits. These documents are important for physicians as they help them make informed decisions. Imagine you are at the doctor and an issue arises that stems from a ... Continue Reading >>

Order Medical Records is the Simple Way to Get Copies of Medical Records

Medical records are important documents that essentially contain a timeline of your health through the years. They contain doctor’s notes, medication lists, past diagnoses, test results, and other pertinent medical information. HIPAA guarantees that everyone has access to their medical records, but that does not mean obtaining them is easy. In fact, it can be ... Continue Reading >>

Was Your New Year’s Resolution to Put Together a Family Medical History? Let Order Medical Records Help!

Did you decide on a New Year’s resolution for 2019? If you made creating a family medical history in 2019 your New Year’s resolution, good for you! A family medical history is more than just a report that keeps you informed on genetic conditions and past diagnoses, it can actually save lives. When your doctors ... Continue Reading >>

Need Medical Records in 2019? Order Medical Records Makes the Process Fast and Affordable.

Posted on January 3, 2019
It’s not 2019 and if you find yourself needing copies of medical records in the New Year, you should trust Order Medical Records to get the job done for you. Why would I need copies of my medical records? You might not be aware, but there are several reasons why you might need a copy ... Continue Reading >>

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