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Are You a Veteran or Military Service Member? Order Your Medical Records in Aspen CA

Are You a Veteran or Military Service Member? Order Your Medical Records in Aspen CA

No matter who you are or what your occupation is or was, you might just be eligible to receive a copy of your own medical records. However, relatively often, we get asked by veterans and current military service members if they would be able to get access to their records as well, especially since they likely have had medical visits that occurred in several different hospitals – some in different states and even some overseas. The answer is… YES! In fact, it is very easy for military members and vets to achieve a copy of their medical records for their own viewing pleasure.

We Can Get Your Medical Records Worldwide

Your medical records are with you no matter where you go. You could visit eight different hospitals while on or off duty as a military member, and we’d still be able to get access of your medical history from those visits. Surely, this is a huge sigh of relief for you since you likely assumed that medical records could only be access within national or even state borders.

But what about medical records that contain visits that were recorded in foreign languages? Not to worry – Order Medical Records has translation services to make sure that your medical documents are properly translated into the language you prefer and are most fluent in. Yay for professional translation!

We Make it Easy for Military Members and Veterans to Get a Copy of Their Medical Records

We don’t want to make it hard for our beloved military service members and ex-patriots to get ahold of their medical records. So, we make the form to request your medical records incredibly fast and easy on our website, OrderMedicalRecords.com.

Why order through us and not the military personally? Because the military normally only gives you your medical records in paper copy form. However, when you order from Order Medical Records, you can expect to not only have the option to receive a paper copy but also a digital copy if you desire. Not to mention, our hardworking team can also help you get access to DD214 forms, which are often required if you wish to qualify for, say, VA disability, GI Bill tuition, and VA home loans.

If you have any questions or concerns with the medical record request process, call Order Medical Records at 714 559-3071. We’ll answer your inquiries to the best of our knowledge in a way that makes the most sense to you.

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