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Download Your Digital Medical Records Securely in Indianapolis IN

Download Your Digital Medical Records Securely in Indianapolis IN

These days, many of us are going digital when it comes to receipts, books, documents, paperwork, and the like. Why? Some of us like the convenience of getting to access things digitally from any device, anywhere we go, at any time. Others of us prefer the digital route because it saves paper, everything is stored neatly on a tiny device, and it means getting access to features like screenshot or zoom to make reading and sharing a document or other file easily.

So, it doesn’t strike odd to us that so many of our customers are wanting to get a digital copy of their own medical records. Sometimes digital is just better if we do say so ourselves! However, our customers don’t just want a digital version of their medical records; they want one that is safe and secure and for your eyes only.

Getting a Secure Copy of Your Medical Records is Important

There are a lot of things on the internet that should not be downloaded for risk of obtaining viruses and malware. However, ordering a digital copy of your medical records is completely safe for you to download.

Not only that, but your copy of your medical records will be secure in terms of only being able to be accessed by you personally. We understand how easy it can be for others to access your confidential information, so we’ve made it to where once your digital copy is delivered to you, others will not be able to access it as well – unless you’ve authorized us to release a copy of your records to someone else too, like your new primary health doctor. We want you to understand how seriously we take HIPAA and how much we want to respect your privacy.

Request a Digital Copy of Your Indiana Medical Records

Getting a digital copy of your medical records in the state of Indiana is very easy when you go through OrderMedicalRecords.com. The medical record request form on our site only takes roughly three to five minutes or so to fill out. After you submit your information, the rest is on us and your doctor to get things rolling and, eventually, a digital copy of your medical records within your possession.

Contact Order Medical Records by phone at 714 559-3071 if you want to learn more about the security of downloading and accessing a copy of your digital medical records.

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