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Worldwide Medical Records Retrieval

Worldwide Medical Records Retrieval

Being in the military is one of the most noteworthy a person can do. But being part of the military may require you to live in different parts of the world. You may be stationed in Japan or other areas of the globe. Even though you are living in different part of the world, you still need your regular medical check ups and provider visits to stay healthy. There may be unexpected medical emergencies that require you to visit hospitals in these different countries. Additionally, you may become sick and require an office visit with a provider in these parts of the world. All of these medical visits are documented into your medical records. Many times, being in a different country, the medical notes will not be in English.

As a military service member, it’s important to have copies of your medical records. One way to make it easier to get your medical records, even if the records are in different countries, is by using the services provided by Order Medical Records.

What Order Medical Records can help you with

Let’s take a look at some of the things as a military service member need to know about obtaining their medical records with Order Medical Records.

  • We offer services to obtain your medical records around the world. We have access to our translation services to ensure that your medical records are ready for interpretation by your current physician. You don’t have to worry that your doctor will not be able to read your medical notes from other countries.
  • It’s important to have a full and complete copies of your medical records as both a civilian and while you’re in the military. Order Medical Records can help you secure your medical records from any medical office or hospitals, including facilities part of the Veterans Affairs.
  • Usually, copies of medical records through the military are paper copies. When you use our services to request your military medical records, we give you the option of having our experts digitalize your records.
  • Our team makes it easy to transfer your full and complete medical records from one provider to another and from one facility to another. We have streamlined the process to ensure efficiency.

Rely on Order Medical Records

Trust your medical record retrieval needs to us. We have a team of experienced medical retrieval specialists. We also offer full translation of medical records world wide. Give us a call today at 714 559-3071 to get started.

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