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Why You Should Order Medical Records in Anaheim CA

Why You Should Order Medical Records in Anaheim CA

According to both California Law and HIPAA, you have the right to get a copy of your own medical records. Although there are exceptions to that right, generally, the request to access your records is approved. However, why would a patient want a copy of their own medical records? Below are a few common reasons why.

You Can Check for Errors in Your Records.

Doctors and other medical professionals are only human; it’s not uncommon for mistakes to be made. But mistakes in your medical records are no joke. The wrong information can have an impact on how you’re medically treated now and in the future. An incorrect diagnosis, list of symptoms, results of medical tests you’ve taken, or other information present in your records may seem like a tiny error, but that “tiny” error can cause big problems. That’s why those who have access to their medical records in Anaheim, CA have the right to amend their records with a medical professional.

Reading Your Records Can Help You Learn More About Your State of Health.

Have you ever visited the doctor’s office, and in a state of panic, “forgot” to listen to just about everything the doctor said? Or, maybe you did listen, but by the time you got home, it’s like everything you thought you heard went in through one ear and right out the other. This isn’t uncommon. That’s why it’s recommended to bring someone else along with you to a doctor’s appointment as your second set of ears.

Another “set of ears” you should take advantage of is your medical records. These records can provide great insight about your current and/or previous state of health.

With the knowledge you retrieve about your own health from these records, you can conduct your own research to learn more about your own condition or test results. You can also refresh your memory on any notes your doctor(s) wrote about your health and how long it has been since you’ve had your last physical exam, for instance. Being in tune with your health is crucial if you want to remain as healthy as possible.

A Copy of Your Medical History Can Come in Handy in Emergency Situations.

In California, health care providers have five days to respond to your request for a copy of your records and 15 days to provide you the copy once they’ve responded initially. But what if you land yourself in the emergency room or mental care facility unexpectedly? It’s always nice to have those records on hand right then and there, giving your current physician immediate access to everything they need to know.

Even if you don’t yet have a “reason” to have a digital and/or paper copy version of your medical records, you never know when you might need them. If you’ve had or currently have an extensive medical history, it’s especially crucial to have these records in your hands.

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