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Why Order Medical Records?

Medical Records RequestLearn the top 5 reasons to place a medical record request

Your medical records contain vital information about your health and your medical history. They will include details about your family medical history, your lifestyle, medications, allergies, test results, diagnoses and treatments, etc. Any facility where you get care or treatment, such as a clinic, hospital, lab, or pharmacy, will have medical records about you, but generally these records are all compiled into one file by your primary care physician. This is the medical record that most patients target when they order medical records. Here are 5 reasons you might need to place a medical record request for this file.

1. Ensure Quality Care

In order to provide quality care, physicians need to know as many details as possible about your medical history. By having your medical records transferred every time you see a new doctor or specialist, you can ensure that that medical professional has all the information they need to provide effective treatment for your unique needs.

2. Improve Timeliness of Care

Another reason to order medical records is to improve the timeliness of care. If you already have your complete medical record in your possession, it will be easy to simply hand it over to your new physician if you relocate, if your existing physician retires, or if you decide to switch doctors for any reason at all. You will be able to begin receiving informed care right away, rather than waiting for your records to arrive to schedule your appointment. Armed with the information in your medical record, the new doctor can provide care that continues the line of treatment already begun by your old doctor, rather than wasting time starting over at square one in the treatment and diagnosis of your condition.

3. Qualify for Insurance

Often, insurance companies want to see your complete medical record before granting you coverage. The faster you can deliver your record, the faster this process can be completed. With ObamaCare coming online, many patients may be switching insurance companies and it will be beneficial to have the medical record request process done in advance.

4. Take a More Active Role in Your Care

Having a copy of your medical record will help make you better informed as a patient. You’ll be able to quickly see when you had various treatments and you’ll also be better equipped to understand your doctor’s advice and take a more active role in your medical care.

5. Caring for Others

If you have a young child, a ward, or are serving as someone’s Health Care Power of Attorney, you are permitted to order medical records on their behalf. You would want to do this for all the reasons already listed, in order to fulfill your obligation to ensure that the person you’re legally responsible for receives quality medical care.

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