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Why Do You Need Copies of Your Medical Records?

Why Do You Need Copies of Your Medical Records?

Medical records are an important part of your health history. Your medical records contain your diagnosis, conditions, treatments, lab results, procedures, scans and x-rays, and clinical notes. You may not think that having copies of your medical records may not be needed, however there are actually times when you need copies. Still think you don’t need your medical records? Continue reading to see if any of these scenarios meet your activities. It’s not too early to get your medical record needs with the assistance of Order Medical Records.

Filing a Medical Case

If you’ve suffered a fall or injury at work and need to file a claim, then having a copy of your medical record is vital to your case. You may also be working with a lawyer for other legal-medical related matters that need copies. Having your medical records readily available to your lawyer will assist in getting your case resolved. Let our medical record retrieval team of experts obtain your records!

Finding a New Doctor

You may be moving to a new town and need copies of your medical records to share with your new medical provider. Your new doctor will be able to follow your medical history and be better able to provide you care. Or you may be in need of a more specialized physician, who may also benefit from having copies of your medical records. If you’re having issues getting your copies, let Order Medical Records help you!

Registering for School

If your child is getting ready to go to school, there are various types of information you will need to provide. You will probably need to furnish your child’s birth certificate, proof of address, and their immunization records. You may also need to provide copies of their medical records. Order Medical Records can help you obtain copies of their medical records in time to register your child to start school.

Collecting a Family Medical History

Are you interested in learning more about your family medical history? Knowing what types of medical conditions run in your family will be helpful to your own health. By having copies of you and your family’s medical records can assist you in compiling an accurate picture of your family’s previous medical history. Armed with this information will help your doctor provide better care for you and your family. Let Order Medical Records get you accurate and up to date medical information to share.

Order Medical Records Can Help You

Our global team at Order Medical Records have experienced document retrieval specialists help you get your records. Rely on us to track down the medical records you need, whether you are registering your child for school, changing doctors, or documenting your family medical history. We have been working since 1993 to provide top-notch medical record retrieval services. Visit us online at Order Medical Records to start today!

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