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Why Aren’t More Southern California Residents Ordering Digital Medical Records?

Why Aren't More Southern California Residents Ordering Digital Medical Records?

Did you know that a majority of patients who have the ability to legally access their electronic medical records don’t take advantage of it? Approximately just 10% of patients actually end up obtaining them. Yet, research shows that Americans now more than ever are wanting to play a direct role in their health – including having access to their medical records, for instance.

Then what is causing Southern Californians to refrain from ordering their medical records online? We have some answers.

The Digital Divide May Be Partially to Blame.

Today, ordering copies of medical records is done online. But if one doesn’t have immediate access to technology and/or knowledge of how to use it, obtaining these records can be difficult.

It’s true that most people have access to some sort of modern-day technology and have at least the basic skills to use it. But not everyone is so fortunate. The digital divide is very much present, even in Southern California. In fact, just 68% of Californians have a wired broadband plan that’s $60 or less. Not only do many Southern California residents live in rural areas where Internet access is limited, but certain parts of Los Angeles only offer very expensive Internet plans, meaning that many residents are without Internet at home.

They’re Unaware of the Benefits of Obtaining Their Own Medical Records.

Not all patients are going to understand the advantages of having a copy of their medical records. In reality, they can come in handy in many cases. Having a copy gives patients a direct and deeper understanding of their medical history. They can also check their own records to ensure everything their doctor listed is correct to avoid future problems at the doctor’s office. Additionally, a copy of one’s medical records can be brought into a new doctor’s office by the patient to save the doctor time from obtaining the records and ultimately help speed up diagnosis and/or treatment.

They Were Denied from Accessing Them.

It’s true that HIPAA and California Law say that you’re entitled to your medical records, but this doesn’t mean all insurers or doctors will approve its release to you. The type of record, where your records are stored, or even the medical problems included in your record may cause your request for digital medical records in Southern California to be denied.

If you’ve verified that you do, in fact, have the right to your records after being disproved, you may file a complaint to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

They Aren’t Aware That They Can Have Access to Them.

And finally, one of the most common reasons why Southern Californians have yet to access their own medical records is because they had no idea that they have the legal right to access them. If only more medical professionals communicated to their patients that they can obtain a copy of their records online if they desire!

The fact that many Southern Californians have never ordered a copy of their medical records online is unfortunate. Patients who have access to a copy of their medical records have been found to be better on top of their health and have lower hospital readmission rates.

No worries – it’s not too late to place and order. You can order your medical records in several Southern California cities today from Order Medical Records. Call us at 714 559-3071 to learn more about the process.

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