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Who Can Use OrderMedicalRecords.com?

Who Can Use OrderMedicalRecords.com?Order Medical Records is the easiest way to get ahold of medical records online. It’s so fast, simple, and straight-forward: anyone can do it! Who can benefit from using Order Medical Records? EVERYONE!

Individuals and families

Order Medical Records is a great service for anyone who has a busy life and would rather avoid trekking all over town to get medical records from various physicians and hospitals. Order Medical Records can get medical records on your behalf from anywhere – including Kaiser, VA facilities, the military, as well as private practice doctors, hospitals, and care facilities anywhere in the world. When necessary, we can also provide translation services so your medical records will be ready for your current doctor(s) to read them and continue providing you with a high level of medical care.

What’s great about using Order Medical Records is that you can get your medical records in any format you choose – paper, digital, or both. If any doctor you’ve been to hasn’t already digitized your medical records, you don’t have to worry – we provide certified field agents who will be glad to securely scan any medical records that are needed.

Insurance companies, attorneys, and corporate representatives

All disability attorneys, contingency based cases, Social Security cases, etc. that won’t, can’t, or prefer not to handle any medical record requests can easily establish a partnership with Order Medical Records for all their medical record retrieval needs. We can even offer discounts to your clients when you partner with us. APS (Attending Physician Statement) retrieval is quick, easy, and 100% secure when you partner with Order Medical Records.

We often partner with PHR companies because medical record retrieval is our specialty. We’re always asking the simple but essential question, “How can we help you?”

Another sector we often partner with is organizations that are conducting pharmaceutical case studies. Let us handle all the medical record retrieval needs so you can focus on the research aspect of your project. Now is the time to let Order Medical Records handle all the grunt work so you can do research more efficiently.

Doctors, health plans, and medical groups

Save yourself the time and hassle of dealing with patient records all the time. Focus on your patients more and leave all medical data needs to Order Medical Records. We partner with doctors, health plan representatives, and medical groups all across the country to handle every medical record need that arises. We can also handle all medical record needs when the time comes for doctors to retire. Check out our sister company website My Retired Doctor for more information. Basically, we become the custodian of your patient records and make sure all authorized parties are able to securely access them. We also handle record disposal tasks in accordance with state laws.

Military personnel and ex-patriots

We also offer complete medical record retrieval services for military personnel and ex-patriots! Get your paper or digitized records now from Order Medical Records, and you’ll always be ready in case a medical emergency arises or you’re simply ready to switch doctors.

How to use Order Medical Records

Simply fill out this form to get started with our safe and secure 3 minute ordering process. It’s so easy! Or if you’d prefer to order by phone, feel free to call us at 714 559-3071. We’re at your service. We’ve been saying this since 1993 – how can we help you?

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