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What Information Do Your Medical Records Contain in Yakima WA?

What Information Do Your Medical Records Contain in Yakima WA?

In the state of Washington, you, a medical professional, and other accepted groups of people have the right to request a copy of your medical records. But it’s always nice to know what, exactly, these records contain before you opt to purchase a copy of them. After all, if you’re paying for them, you deserve the right to know what information you’ll be presented with before purchasing them.

Read below to find out what health-related information your records in Washington will include.

Hospital Notes, Diagnoses, Test Results, & More

Copies of medical records in Washington contain a variety of helpful information about your current and past state of health. This information may include notes from your doctor, any past or current diagnoses, laboratory test results, immunization records, pathology reports, image study images and results, and more – depending on your medical history.

Every Washington residents’ medical records will vary from one to the next. These records are completely unique to every patient. Nonetheless, every set of records contains as thorough of health-related information as possible. The longer your medical history, the more extensive and detailed your medical records will be.

Order a Copy of Your Washington Medical Records Today

Under both federal and state law, know that you have a right to not only review your medical records but to request a copy of them, with certain exceptions, if you choose to. Both electronic and/or paper copies of your records can be obtained in Washington. If a medical professional orders your records, you will not have to pay a penny out of your pocket. However, if you decide to order a copy for your own personal benefit, there will be a charge.

Although it isn’t a requirement to have a copy of your own medical records, having such can be incredibly beneficial. It’s always nice to be able to review your own records as a refresher of your medical history and to verify that the information contained within them is correct. And since it can take a while for a copy of your medical records to be sent both electronically and through the mail, having a copy on hand can be helpful if you ever have an unexpected doctor or emergency room visit.

Both electronic and print copies of your medical records can be obtained right from the Order Medical Records website, whether you’re the patient, a medical professional, or someone else who has the right to access another’s records. Ordering your records from our website is safe, secure, and quick – and it can all be done from the comfort of your home.

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