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What are the Disadvantages of Not Having a Copy of Your Medical Records in Summerlin NV?

What are the Disadvantages of Not Having a Copy of Your Medical Records in Summerlin NV?

These days, just about everyone looks up the pros and cons of every small and major life decision they make before they actually make it. Maybe you’re interested in possibly requesting a copy of your medical records. However, you might not understand why exactly you’d need it, let alone, how it can negatively impact you if you decide not to opt for it.

You bet that if you decide against opting for a copy of your own medical records, it could potentially come back to bite you in the butt. Below are three reasons why you won’t want to not purchase your medical records.

You Won’t Know if There’s Incorrect Information Contained within Your Records

It’s scary to think that your medical records could contain medical information about you that isn’t even true or lacks vital information about your medical history. Any wrong or missing information can not only affect how you’re medically cared for now but also in the future.

Imagine if you landed in the emergency room, a doctor reviewed your medical history, and then gave you medication you needed that’s not safe nor compatible with a previously-diagnosed condition you have that was unfortunately not added to your medical records by mistake. That could be dangerous. But your doctor won’t know that if it’s not a part of your medical records, and you won’t know of an error like this unless you check your medical records and have it modified as necessary.

It’ll Take Longer for a New Doctor to Retrieve Your Medical History

Are you changing doctors due to a move, because your previous doctor is no longer in practice, or maybe because you’re looking for a second opinion? You’ll save time and get better treatment if you already have a copy of your medical records in your possession to give to your new doctor.

It’ll be Harder to Understand Your Own Health

It’s always nice to have a little reminder of your medical history, especially if your history is expansive and/or spans decades down the line. But how can you adequately care for yourself if you don’t have a copy of your records to refer to? This is where a copy of your medical records would make a positive difference.

Do you wish to avoid the following disadvantages? If so, we recommend you jump on the medical record bandwagon and order a copy of yours today!

You can request your copy from the Order Medical Records website. For any inquiries, you can hit up our line at 714 559-3071.

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