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Think You Received a Misdiagnosis? Here’s Why You Should Order Your Medical Records in Austin TX

Think You Received a Misdiagnosis? Here’s Why You Should Order Your Medical Records in Austin TX

Misdiagnoses aren’t uncommon, even with how modern and advanced the health industry is today. But no matter how far time goes on, being misdiagnosed is always dangerous. It can lead to an expensive surgery you don’t even need. It can cause serious emotional turmoil for you and your loved ones. It can even mean getting really sick if you’re prescribed a medication that you don’t actually require. It’s a serious ordeal that can be life-threatening, which is why doctors should be very careful when diagnosing a patient with anything – but mistakes do happen.

If you happen to be a victim of a misdiagnosis, one thing we suggest is ordering a copy of your medical records – and here’s why:

Your Medical Record Copy Can Be Used in a Medical-Related Lawsuit

All cases in court require evidence before a decision can be made. It’s no different with medical lawsuits. If you’ve become gravely ill, had a loved one die, went through some serious emotional or physical trauma, or are even in deep debt following a misdiagnosis or after another medical malpractice incident, it’s a great idea to have a copy of your medical records on hand to prove that you (or your loved one) were treated by said doctor or facility that you’re attempting to sue and that you (or your loved one) did, in fact, receive a misdiagnosis or the treatment that ended badly.

You Can Look for Other Errors in Your Medical Records

Having a copy of your medical records isn’t just good to use in the courtroom. You can also look over it to make sure there’s nothing else in your records that’s incorrectly listed and what not. You have a right to know what your medical records contain and have the right to dispute anything you deem incorrect or missing.

Your Copy Can Be Used as a Reference to Get False Information Changed

If and when you do find incorrect information within your medical records, you can then use your copy of your medical records as a reference when communicating with a hospital or physician what part of your records requires an amendment. There are several pages of a person’s medical records, so to have the exact page and spot in your records that needs revising, let alone having the physical proof on hand right then and there so a doctor doesn’t have to pull it out on their own, can be very helpful and potentially help speed up the process of ensuring your records are resolved accordingly.

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