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The Process of Getting Your Medical Records is Easy in Fort Collins CO

The Process of Getting Your Medical Records is Easy in Fort Collins CO

It can be nerve wracking doing something for the very first time: driving a car, going on a date, getting married, buying a house, giving birth, getting a surgery, and so on and so forth. Another mildly anxiety-provoking situation as a first timer might be requesting a copy of your medical records in Colorado. If you don’t quite “get” the process, you’re going to be less calm about it and maybe even a bit skeptical or hesitant.

Fear not – Order Medical Records (OMR) is here to let you know how easy and breezy it is to get your copy! It’s not as scary as it might seem.

First Things First: Submit a Request

Before getting yourself worked up thinking it’s going to be crazy long to get your request sent in, know that submitting a request to receive a copy of your medical records is actually incredibly easy. In fact, it’s not at all time consuming; it only takes about five minutes or so to submit the request form!

You can submit your request easily from the Order Medical Records website from this simple, online form. It can all be done conveniently from your home and at any day or time depending on when you’re available to finish the form.

Wait for Your Doctor to Accept Your Request

Now, you have to play the waiting game. We know; waiting is hard! However, your doctor is a busy man or woman, but even then, it shouldn’t take very long for your doctor to approve (or deny) your request. During this time, a little patience will do wonders for you and your sanity. Just know that it’s all out of your hands for now!

Let OMR Handle the Rest

After your doctor approves your request, he or she will get your records sent over to our team. We’ll get your copy going and do a quality check to ensure that everything is in order and generally meets our high expectations. Afterward, we’ll get your copy sent over to you via the method of delivery you requested.

Getting a copy of your medical records is genuinely easy and oh-so simple. You just wouldn’t believe it!

If you have further questions about how to order a copy of your medical records in Fort Collins, CO, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Order Medical Records. You can chat with us today by dialing 714 559-3071.

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