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Step by Step Guide to Requesting Your Medical Records in Spokane WA

Step by Step Guide to Requesting Your Medical Records in Spokane WA

Requesting a copy of your medical records sounds like a big to do. From the sounds of it, it’d seem like it’d be a long, messy, grueling process. In reality, that isn’t the case at all. (Phew – that’s a sigh of relief.) In fact, it can be super easy and fast, even if you’re completely unaware of the entire process before starting.

If you’re interested in requesting your own copy, follow the below steps. It’s really this simple, and just about anyone can do it!

Visit OrderMedicalRecords.com, and Fill Out Our Online Form

To request a copy of your records, you can visit Order Medical Records and fill out an short, online form with some of your personal information. The form also asks what delivery method you prefer and how far back you want your records to go.

Our Team will Request Your Records

Once we receive your request – and approve of it – it’s then up to us to request your records from your doctor.

We’ll Follow Up with Your Doctor

Within about three to four days after submitting a request to your doctor, our team will give them a follow-up to see when your copy will be available and ready for us to scan.

Give Us Time to Scan Your Records

Once they’re in our possession, it’s then time for us to have a certified field agent scan your medical records. This process is relatively quick, but it does take a bit of time to ensure each page is properly scanned.

Our Quality Control Team Will Review Your Records

After the scanning process comes time for quality control. The whole purpose of this step is to make sure everything looks great and meets our high standards.

Receive Your Copy!

Once your medical record copy passes quality control, we will then notify you that your records are available and then have them shipped out to you (or delivered via any other method you specified during the time of the request).

Now you can read through your medical records to look for any errors that you may need to have amended by a medical professional, review your medical history, and/or provide your medical record copy to a new doctor – all at your fingertips!

Do you want to request a copy of your medical records? You can do so conveniently from our website! Dial 714 559-3071 to talk to us about any questions you may have.

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